Mark Barrow Sarah Parke

Art in America


In “wave, particle, string,” the third exhibition at Elizabeth Dee devoted solely to the work of Mark Barrow and Sarah Parke, the married collaborators continue their labor-intensive investigations of color theory and seriality. Their heady output stems from understanding a shared relationship between textile production, computer coding, modernist design, the structure of film and scientific models. The couple primarily produces textile/painting hybrids, in which Barrow painstakingly stipples dots onto colored woven pieces created by Parke, resulting in subtly shifting color patterns. Titles of these works refer to the RGB (additive) and CMYK (subtractive) color models. New approaches on view include works structured around Barrow’s swipe gesture in an iPad drawing program and the “Reweave” series, pieces which resemble striated pieces of linen with colored stains spreading across the surface. Here, Parke works in a painterly manner, picking apart a bolt of fabric and reweaving it across the warp or weft lines into a new form.